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Dear Jack,

We would like to thank you and express our feelings of appreciation to you, forstly for your numerous amount of time you spent for us to guide us to the way to success, and specifically on how we can buy a house in our situation, your crystal clear explanation on every detail till after closing is exceptional, (our image on the concept of buying a house was that this is something which will happen only after we will establish a solid profitable business and not so fast and young in age but you proved us that this is a mistake).  Secondly for saving us now a few hundred dollars monthly by refinancing for an interest rate which surprised those who were involved in the closing.

Jack, your work is with something we cannot find by anyone else even for money, this is your heart and your connection to your client and your honestly looking out for the benefit of the client even its against your favor.
M. Kellner

Yes you can do the same Sruly Barber did...

Hi! My name is Sruly Barber. I BH got in touch with Jack Lefkowitz in 2018, after struggling in my sales career for a couple of years.

I followed the circle of success, and with his help I got into a professional real estate brokerage company with a highly skilled team, and  started growing there on and on BH.

I can testify that in 2018 I BH earned much more than I expected, and in 2019 I multiplied that income by %250!!! I got out from my financial crisis and bought my own house BH!!!

I still keep in touch with Jack to plan  future growth and achieve larger goals with success!!!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to successfully achieve goals, to reach out to Jack and follow his method for ongoing success!!!

Sruly Barber

Your Certified Mortagage Planner Jack Lefkowitz has one Goal

Thank you hashem for all you keep on doing to me! Especially now that for a few years ago I first met Jack Lefkowitz.

Jack, I have to tell you that you were the one who made our dream come to reality. We didn't think that we will pay our own mortgage in this early age & stage in life... I must tell you that we really appreciate all your help in all subjects since the first day we've met. First of all, you set my perspective on buying a home that it's not that far from reality how many ppl out there might think.
You worked out for us a very detailed plan how and on what price range we can search for a house and provided us with very good tools for that. Your clear answers to all our questions along the entire process, your clear advice on each deal we have considered, and even helped us out with our search with an endless amount of patience as if we were your only client. Then, when wer  finally found our home, how you cared for us with every detail along the way explaining exactly what's all about in a mortgage, binder, contract, attorney, credit, down payment, closing costs, rate costs, how/when to lock the rate, and what not.

Your endless amount of patience is incredible! Your honest opinion of what we can really afford and not pushing us to something which would be out of our budget. The list is endless.... Thank you so much!

Jack, let me tell you our experience with you in one word "YOUR PASSION TO REALLY HELP ANOTHER PERSON IS GREATER THAN TO MONEY" so whatever ppl would do for money you would do just to help another person.....r With full appreciation,r

The Kellner family

The Kellner's

Jack, You did our numbers and you made sure that our Investment pays us back returns above what we expected!

Yes! It worked for us again.. It paid to do the loan with Jack Lefkowitz CMPS he made sure our Real Estate investments is profitable for long term, this our second great experience with you. Thank you,

A. Hoffman, S Rosenblum, Real Estate Investors

Boro Park, NY

Aron Hoffman

Your Mortgage strategy helped us be able to start investing in Real Estate and start earning money on our home!

Hi Mr. Lefkowitz,

I feel indebted to write a few words to you.  We came to you, and we had a very low interest rate, but we couldn't do anything with it.  The payments were high and we needed money and we didn't have. You have opened our eyes of how to manage our equity to create wealth and what the right mortgage means versus the lowest rate on the wrong mortgage!!!  Oh, how right you are...We now have a very affordable payment (I don't even know what my rate is...but I know its fixed..) and we were actually able to accumulate cash so we were actually able to look at investing in another real estate...(I can't belive it...) My family is exastic and my 2 brothers actually called you already, they are very interested.

Anyway, From our end, I want to thank you so much!!!

P. Schlaf, Borough Park NY

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We earned $622,012 on our mortgage! Because of Jack, we now have the ability to pay off our mortgage or continue making money on our 30 year mortgage!

Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Brooklyn NY

We met Jack in 1996 having a 15 year mortgage.  Jack explained to us how we can pay off your 30 year mortgage in less than 15 years, we decided it won’t hurt to ask  about our situation.

Turns out that we never imagined that this would happen. We took out a mortgage and switched to a 30 year.  Our payments were less with $250 which we attributed to our investment.  It is now 12 years later and we have $622,012 in our investment account, so we currently have enough money to pay off our mortgage plus remain with extra $41,794.

But we don't want to,  since we can still easily afford the payment, and we are enjoying the liquidity, and the income on our investment which is helping us now 12 years later marry off our children with piece of mind.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Brooklyn NY


Because of Jack Lefkowitz, I avoided a most dreaded Foreclosure and am now saving $267.34 every Month!

I just closed and I feel indebted to share what experience I had with Jack Lefkowitz.  I came to him having an adjustable mta loan.  my negative amortization was piling up and the adjustable rate kept on going up.  I was concerned because of the mortgage market changes that I won't be able to get a mortgage because I couldn't prove income.  I had an offer from Countrywide and was almost closing with them when at the closing table I realized that they put in another adjustable rate!  I was really pulled around and not told the truth. 

Jack got me a fixed 30 year loan, and a lower payment than my current adjustable.    Jack worked out a mortgage plan for me and my family so we have a secure financial future, plus a bonus of savings every month.

I wish you do this to all my friends who had such kind of adjustable mortgages!  Jack you can save the mortgage market this way, because you definitely saved me from paying late and eventually going into foreclosure.

Thank you,

Z. Merng, Brooklyn NY


We now have Fixed credit, have a growing investment account of $70,318 and we are

saving $523.43 per month on our monthly payment!


We are so thankful for what you have done to us, since the seminar that we attended!

we had messed up credit and couldn't afford our monthly payment.  we were maxed out on all our credit cards and couldn't cope.

Now we are having a cheaper payment, all our credit cards are paid, we repositioned money in a side account that keeps growing every month! (My wife loves to get the statements every month and see how our investments grow)

This is amazing! Thank you!

Jerry Stein

Valley Stream NY


I now own a home thanks to Jack Lefkowitz when Everyone told me I never will!

Hi My Name is Alice Buckner. When I first met you, I was struggling every month working hard and paying rent and barely made the month..I was having too much month at the end of the money!!!! I had no money for my children's education and tuition.
I can't believe that I am now a "Proud Homeowner" , paying $50 less than my rent…You worked out a strategic Mortgage plan, so now I am making myself rich, instead of my landlord.
Thank You so much, Jack!
Alice Buckner, Bookeeper
Middletown NY

Alice Buckner

Jack Lefkowitz, A Leading Mortgage Expert for condominium Projects!

Many of the home purchasers that we work with have special needs and need special attention. Jack Lefkowitz of The Funding Depot provided us with a kit that was designed to help our future homeowners prepare for a mortgage. Even those who had challenged credit were able to get attractive interest rates with low down payments. Our customers found that working with Jack Lefkowitz and The Funding Depot made the mortgage process easy and they felt they were in good hands. The professionalism provided by Jack Lefkowitz and the whole force at The Funding Depot has helped us and our builder clients close more sales to happier purchasers. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with The Funding Depot.

Thomas M. Atkin

ON-SITE Sales & Marketing, LLC

Highland Mills, NY

On Site

 Because of Jack, I got conventional financing on my mixed use property and I am saving $949.21 every month!

Dear Jack:

In my own words I will tell you how much you meant for me. I own a funeral home and I got screwed by some clients when they didn’t pay me for my services. This caused my credit to get messed up.

I couldn’t get a loan, because I live on top of the funeral home, which is my business, and nobody wanted to lend me money on a mixed use property where I had such bad credit. Having no choice, I got a private loan at a very high interest rate and was struggling every month to make the payments. Jack, regardless of my credit and my property you got me a 30 year fixed loan, no prepayment penalty, a very attractive rate, and finally a payment that I can afford and I still have extra money to invest in my retirement plan I have always dreamed about.  

Aside from that, from when I met with you till closing was less than 2 weeks!!! I couldn't believe it, since I am in the commercial and mixed use business for a while and I know that it usually takes a couple of months.  I don't know but I want to  Thank you..thank you..May you always be Blessed.

Albert Daniels

New York NY

Albert Daniel

Great Knowledgable Seminar!!!

I was referred to you by my local realtor and then I was invited to join your Mortgage Planning Insider Summit.  Jack, I really felt that you are knowledgable not only in the mortgage field but in the financial planning and you have a true passion for my financial future!

I look forward to working with you!

I. Abadi

Brooklyn NY



I went from Rags to Riches thanks to Jack Lefkowitz, mortgage planner!

Jack, I am now in year #3 implementing your client for life system. I can't begin to tell you what a life changer this was to me and my family. Three years ago you showed me how to create wealth from my home and it's just happening, I am earning money every month (way more than my salary)…. The yearly follow up that you do with me to make sure that everything is in line to make me earn the most profit for the coming year has made me feel so secure about my financial future. Thanks to you, I am living a phenomal life! Jack, I just wish you share your secret to others so they go around smiling like I do.
Pinchas Noskow, Engineer
Westchester NY


From start to end was 10 days as you promised...WOW!

We came to you to consolidate our debt because we couldn't handle so many payments, it started hurting our credit.  You assured us that you will get it done for us in 10 days! and you bet you did!!!


thanks a lot for your kind service and acknowledgment, Jack, you are a pleasure to deal with.

Yumi and Rachel Fisch, CEO

Cafe' W

45 Lee Avenue,

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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